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Call Center Outsourcing Solutions

We offer a unique and effective call center outsourcing alternative that provides our clients with a high touch client-service provider relationship. Our outsourced call center alternative yields world class customer care, technical support and sales along with the full spectrum of outsourcing functions required to serve clients’ customers. The operating engine behind our solutions consist of a handful of niche oriented service providers strategically located in United States, Offshore and Nearshore locations enabling our clients to achieve their economic needs while outsourcing the following functions:

Inbound Call Center

  • Sales and Promotions
  • Market Research
  • Lead Generation
  • New Customer Acquisition
  • Cross-Sell/Up-Sell

Outbound Call Center

  • Sales and Promotions to Existing Customers
  • Loyalty Marketing and Service
  • Affinity Marketing Services
  • New Product Launch Sales and Support
  • Customer Save Channel Support
  • Direct Response Sales and Support

Inbound Customer Retention and Customer Care

  • Customer Care
  • Technical Support
  • Help Desk
  • Web-Based Solutions
  • Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery – Recall
  • Account Servicing
  • Collections
  • BPO and Back-Office Solutions (Essential Functions)

For many companies, the call center is the only opportunity for human-to-human interaction with their customers – whether they are calling to purchase something or get service and support. Research shows that these human-to-human interactions matter a great deal to customers and can add tremendous value to your business. According to Forrester, there is a high correlation across all industries between call center satisfaction and a customer’s likelihood to recommend a business to others. In the insurance industry, 56% of online insurance owners who filed a claim in the past 12 months used the phone to initiate the claim with their insurance provider; they want to talk to another person directly, especially after a potentially emotional event such as a hurricane or accident. How these calls are handled can greatly impact customer retention and lifetime value.

Whatever your contact center best practice platform is, whether a rigid Six Sigma, COPC or the adaption of a common set of best practices you have customized over the years, a culture and process of continuous improvement is absolutely necessary to progress forward and not fall into a state of complacency. The time, energy and cost of acquiring a new customer it too great to lose that customer and attempt to re-acquire them; and ideally the customer service or technical support channel is of prime importance serving the customers needs, retaining that customer (and creating stickiness), optimizing the interaction by educating them related to new products, services, features or easier usage techniques. Like a retail brick and mortar chain, a key barometer is same store sales; we need to hold onto our customers and make sure they always are aware of everything the store has to offer.