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Call Center Management

Choosing and sourcing to the correct outsourcing partner is just the beginning in what requires continuous and strategic management to drive all of the efficiencies and benefits one can achieve with a third party service provider(s). Our team works with you to establish outsourcing goals, evaluate call center processes and tools, call center management and monitoring to drive performance and develop partnerships.

When managed correctly, your customer demands can be met and exceeded, the cost to meet such demands can be kept down and overall business goals can be achieved. And, when done right, the overall relationship between the client and the provider can transcend one of client and provider to a true working long-term partnership. As an outsourcing alternative, we bring this philosophy and approach to our clients.

We also work with clients that have existing third party service provider(s) but have yet to figure out the winning Service Provider Management formula. As part of this type of engagement, we typically:

Conduct Review
Conduct a complete contractual review and align the agreement with the outsourcing goals, where necessary.

Evaluate Processes
Evaluate processes and tools related to performance, service level agreements and overall deliverables

Establish Processes
Establish or enhance processes and tools to address any deficiencies in performance, support the ongoing monitoring and management of the provider and improve overall performance.

Evolve Relationships
Evolve the relationship with the service provider into a long-term strategic partnership.