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Engagement Excellence is Key to Telco Success

If you polled a thousand U.S. executives from across industries, I am certain that most would say their sector is undergoing major disruption.  And, while each would have their own reasons for saying so, there is no question that telco players are under the gun.  When you combine shifting product and service lines coupled with ... Read More

Argentina unlikely to re-establish offshore CRM credentials soon

The upcoming Argentine elections have many contact center outsourcing industry-watchers assuming that a change in commercial direction will mean a more attractive environment for CRM services vendors to deliver into North America and Europe. However, Ovum believes that regardless of the outcome of the election, it will be difficult for Argentina to re-establish itself among the nearshore or offshore locations of choice. This will be due to a number of factors, including cost, regional competition, and the extent to which Argentina has evolved in term of commercial sophistication.