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Disaster Recovery – Recall Solution

Don’t Get Caught Off -Guard

Even the most successful and well-managed organizations have to be prepared for unexpected crises that require public response. These situations can have many causes: product recalls, service interruptions, risks to public safety, and new notification requirements for the loss of customer data. Events like these can be immediately disorienting—throwing resources into disarray and potentially damaging customer confidence. How your organization responds under these circumstances can make more of a lasting impression on your customers than millions of dollars invested in marketing and advertising.

Protecting Customer Trust

There are many alternative approaches to public notification – social media, automated telephone messages and email can all play a part. However, it’s how well you make your company available to your customers during these episodes that will leave the strongest impression. Will you be able to answer their questions or simply reassure them that the situation is being quickly addressed? Under these circumstances, it is critical that you provide your customers with easy access to an articulate and well-trained company representative. Delayed response, poorly prepared agents and long waits on hold will send your customers precisely the wrong impression at the worst possible time.

Putting Plans in Place

Many companies don’t fully anticipate all of the challenges of sustaining high customer accessibility during a crisis. It is difficult to accurately staff your call center to meet irregular waves of incoming calls as public announcements or news stories are broadcast. Training call center agents to recognize and address these unique calls can take days to accomplish. Even determining the best phone number for customers to call can create delays and uncertainty.

Delays and dropped calls not only project poor customer responsiveness, but also impede your ability to take normal sales or support calls during this time.

Clarity and Confidence for Your Customers

The Golden Gate BPO disaster response solution enables your organization to ensure an uninterrupted line of communication with your customers under even the most trying circumstances. We can quickly provide all of the prepared agents and infrastructure capacity you need to handle any volume of customer calls – and all without impacting your normal contact center operations.