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Latest News

Voice Still Counts in the Contact Center

I am not a fan of morning network TV news programs. To me, they have become a repository for B-list celebrity interviews and features about upcoming talent shows. But one item that caught my eye recently was a feature on Good Morning America about when consumers should pick up the phone, as opposed to using ... Read More

September 2017 Insights

Features include: Automation in the Contact Center is a Reality – Time for a Reality Check on Indian BPO – In-House Contact Center Benchmark Report, The Highlights

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean and the surrounding areas: “For BPOs in the Dominican Republic, the safety of our employees is of paramount importance.” Read more about what our CEO, Stephen B. Ferber, and other BPO executives had to say about the significant preparations that were made by all BPOs in the region to keep employees safe and prevent service dropouts as Hurricane Irma passed through.

Read more: http://www.nearshoreamericas.com/hurricane-irma-dominican-republic-bpo-preparations/

Time for a Reality Check on Indian BPO

Of course, some contact center or BPO locations work better than others. The most attractive locations are those that have longevity because they deliver a high-value, quality customer experience in a stable atmosphere. This is one of the reasons why India remains among the best places in the world to establish a contact center presence ... Read More

Automation in the Contact Center is a Reality

It is still surprising to me how there continues to be so much resistance to trying new approaches in customer experience management. Recently, I have been meeting people on all sides of the CRM equation who feel that automation is a fad that will eventually disappear. But automation is not New Coke or The Macarena. ... Read More