Winning Customer Loyalty is Crucial in Retail

For so many of us, checking out a sale at a local department store or looking online for a deal on a new device is both a necessity and fun. But, what happens when these experiences are sub-standard? For those in the retail trade, this reality is becoming more common in their captive contact centers, ... Read More

Guidelines are The New Policy

If you’ve watched or read the news over the past several weeks – or even if you haven’t – there’s a big chance you’ve heard United Airlines’ name mentioned more than a few times.  It’s been quite a few months for United – first with not allowing two teenagers on board for wearing leggings, and ... Read More

Let’s Face It, In So Many Ways US Onshore Delivery Makes Sense

One thing that I have noticed working in the contact center services space is that those of us in leadership positions can so easily get distracted by the chatter around various flavor-of-the-month delivery models.  But, sometimes the best possible alternative is the one closest to home.  This is really the case with US onshore contact ... Read More