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Outbound Call Center Outsourcing

High Performance Outbound Solutions

We are a flexible partner who can offer you capacity and resource when and where needed, with responsive management focused on maximizing your sales budget, understanding your market and delivering a fantastic experience for your customers. We work with you to develop outbound programs that cater to your objectives, and maximize the success of your customer acquisition or lead generation model.

As a expert in lead generation, you’re under pressure to produce new leads for your business. As you know, success isn’t just a function of the number of leads you generate. It’s equally a function of lead quality. This is particularly true for online lead generation companies for which services are increasingly commoditized. If you can produce more value by improving and differentiating your company’s services in ways that increase lead quality and increase the likelihood of lead conversion, then you’ve got a meaningful competitive advantage.

When following up on an online inquiry, response time has a direct impact on sales conversion rates. Here are the things we know: 1. when a prospective buyer is shopping online and completing online inquiry forms, he or she completes 3-5 forms in the search for a single product; 2. if an agent can respond to the inquiry within the first 5 minutes of that inquiry being made, conversion rates increase by up to 50%; 3. 65% of all conversions occur on the first call; and 4.bBy being the first and the fastest responder How quickly an agent can call back a lead to qualify and move them through the sales cycle is known as “speed to lead,” With outbound campaigns, it’s imperative to respond as quickly as possible to fresh leads and that you take every step to ensure a positive experience for potential customers

In order to maximize your outbound call center activities, choose an outsourcing partner who can deliver results on all types of campaigns. We will customize a program that addresses your objectives and help you determine the best way to apply an outbound contact center campaign to your customer acquisition or lead generation model. This is a winning strategy!

  • Conduct simple information collection campaigns to complete database information needed to segment more effectively, target offers and pitches, and understand customers
  • Perform in-depth information gathering calls to further qualify sales leads
  • Identify new revenue opportunities with existing customers
  • Confirm, qualify, and engage with online leads
  • Infuse new life into potential “stale” opportunities by following up with custom offers tailored to meet the needs of valued customers

Outbound Contact Center

  • Sales and Promotions to Existing Customers
  • Loyalty Marketing and Service
  • Affinity Marketing Services
  • New Product Launch Sales and Support
  • Customer Save Channel Support
  • Direct Response Sales and Support