Golden Gate BPO Solutions Company Overview:

Founded in 2006, Golden Gate BPO Solutions provides multi-channel contact center, customer engagement, call center outsourcing, advisory, and legal services on behalf of its clients.

We have a passionate team and innovative approach that allows us to deliver small and large scale high touch outsourcing solutions, enhancing each stage of the customer relationship management life cycle to acquire, retain and support, grow and optimize customer relationships.

Our customer engagement centers are located in the United States, Dominican Republic, Belize, and the Philippines, from which we offer multi-lingual voice, email, web chat, social media, back-office, online help desk and automated support.

In addition, we provide consultative services for many clients spanning business and operational improvement and restructuring, financial analysis and planning, technology procurement and implementation, and sales, marketing and brand enhancement.

Golden Gate BPO Solutions helps organizations to define and produce extraordinary customer engagement strategies and business results.  Our work provides increased customer loyalty and superior results for our clients.

Our real value is in who we are not just in what we do.  Whether our engagement is strategic or operational, we make things happen.  We enable people to bring out the best in themselves in even the most difficult situations and we do what it takes to get results.

The leadership team consists of finance and legal specialists, operational experts, and customer engagement strategists. We understand the strategic and operational challenges many clients face and have the knowledge and breadth of experience to help them succeed. In addition to our experience and insight, our team’s real expertise lies in how we apply it and what drives us every single day – our commitment to always be a resource, understand your needs, provide transparent advice and take actions centered by perspective (based on our own successes and failures) and forging life-long personal and business relationships.