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Client Testimonials

The Golden Gate team first took the time to understand our overall business objectives. They incorporated that knowledge into their evaluation and recommendations to us in terms of how they could support our Corporate Charter to place the customer first, everywhere, every time, demonstrating our motto of "At your side" by providing superior technical support to our customers. They have been and continue to be an important partner of ours.

Vice President National Service

Brother International Corporation

Golden Gate has been a great asset in exploring new business capabilities at AOL. They were great at assisting our businesses with excelling in their strategic goals and capitalizing on missed opportunities.

Director of Member Services


With Golden Gate BPO Solutions’ help and continued support, we have now been able to add to our services a Streamlined Box Office Sales Solutions component, including multi-channel Order Entry, Will Call, Order Look Up and Customer Service, along with robust and customized Reporting to support our clients’ needs. In essence, we now can offer and perform for our clients a full 360-Solution that allows our Promoters, Venues and other clients to primarily focus on the overall planning, booking and broad-based marketing of their events. This gives them the confidence that StubWire.com has every aspect of the ticket printing and multi-channel sales, customer service and overall management of the entire ticketing function covered both in a high quality manner as a positive extension of their brand and in a more cost effective way.



Golden Gate BPO has been a generous, helpful and unique resource for us since we initially sought their input and expertise in 2009 on some of our strategic initiatives. And, over time, they've evolved into an excellent consultative and strategic partner. They are always evaluating our needs against their actual experience and delivery in an effort to ensure our business goals and objectives are being served in the best possible manner.

Stephen and his team's commitment goes well beyond the initial scoping and contracting of new and/or additional solutions, but continues on in their support of the programs they manage by driving successful deployment and continuous improvement. I truly feel his team has our backs each and every day, and I mean that in a positive and value added way. Stephen and the Golden Gate BPO team live up to their ongoing commitment to life-long personal and business relationships and it is evident in everything they do in our industry.

Vice President Call Center Management

Guthy|Renker Corporation

Golden Gate BPO has been working with Cartera Commerce since the beginning of 2012 in an effort to increase the quality, efficiency and output of our on-line customer care, primarily delivered in the form of web-based support. Improving this aspect of our customers experience was a key initiative of ours as we entered into 2012; and we continue to look at additional ways to build on our positive accomplishments. The Golden Gate BPO team have worked very closely with us to increase the quality, accuracy and speed of our on-line customer care. We are delivering internet-based customer service better, faster and smarter. Golden Gate BPO has proved to be a phenomenal business partner for us, supporting these and other of our business objectives each and every year.

Director of Technical Account Management

Cartera Commerce

Golden Gate BPO Solutions has been a phenomenal resource for us over the past year and has certainly demonstrated their commitment to long-term genuine and transparent personal and business relationships. As we continue to evolve and grow at Saveology, it is imperative we have partners like Golden Gate BPO to help us drive operational excellence, bring a strategic view or approach to everything they do, and address and put our needs at the forefront without cutting corners.

Director of Call Center Operations


Golden Gate BPO Solutions and their team have been a key business and strategic partner for us over 3-years now, contributing to our ability to grow and emerge as a Top-Notch legal services provider. With our continued tremendous growth achieved over a relatively short period of time often come severe growing pains; however, with Golden Gate BPO's deep-rooted knowledge, knowhow and top-notch service offerings available to the legal industry, they took much of the pain out of the growing and innovation progress over the years, and sincerely put our interests first as if they were "actual" partners in our business. In addition, Golden Gate BPO always brings a phenomenal process-oriented approach, significant subject matter expertise and overall commitment to excellence to the table.


Universal Court Reporting