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Contact Center Risk Management Starts with Location Diversification

Not to be the bearer of bad news, but the world in which we live is a pretty unstable place.  Whether it be politically, economically, or related to public security, a lot of things going on right now are causing uncertainty.  The impact that this can have on contact center operations should not be underestimated.  ... Read More

Don’t Ignore the Social Benefits Contact Centers Provide Communities

Over the years, I have noticed one thing that often gets overlooked is the positive social impact of contact centers. As a CEO and owner of a BPO operation, I could not be prouder of the benefits that our investments provide communities at large. It is easy to forget the real quality-of-life improvements that a ... Read More

Picking the Right Size BPO Provider Need Not Be Difficult

I am frequently asked by enterprise contact center buyers, “What sized outsourcer is it best to engage with for customer experience delivery?” Actually, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. There are some superb offerings in the customer experience space at the moment that are being provided by outsourcers with revenues ranging ... Read More

Social Media Customer Experience Means Having Diverse Capabilities

I like to use social media.  I have accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook andTwitter, just to name a few.  It helps me keep up with news, family and friends (not to mention providing me with a forum for sharing my blogs).  But, what amazes me is the extent to which social media has branched off into a maze of ... Read More