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India Remains an Amazing Offshore Delivery Point

One of the things that I find fascinating about this business is that sometimes what is old can be new again.  Never has this been more obvious than with the renewed interest in India as an offshore delivery point.  For the longest time, skeptics had more or less written off India as a viable market ... Read More

Multichannel is a Must in Today’s Contact Center Environment

From a channel and technology standpoint, things have really changed in contact center management.  As a twenty-year veteran of this space, I am amazed at how consumers are eschewing the telephone for other contact alternatives.  In some ways, this need not come as a surprise; with more interaction options available, end-users rightly expect companies from ... Read More

Belize Makes Great Commercial Sense for Nearshoring

In the BPO space, I have a reputation as a straight talker.  So, I will make no bones about the fact that I am a fan of Belize as a contact center delivery location.  While maybe not the largest nearshore market from which to deliver customer experience interactions, in my opinion it is one of ... Read More