Belize | Outsourced Contact Center Provider

Location Overview:

  • Founded in December 2009
  • Partnered with Golden Gate BPO in January 2014
  • 815 workstations with capacity to scale
  • English language
  • Multichannel service capabilities
  • Specializing in innovative technology enabling transparency, efficiency and flexibility
  • Operating 24 / 7

Core Capabilities:

  • Customer Service
    • Customer care
    • Loyalty and retention
    • Technical support
    • BPO
  • Sales
    • Inbound and outbound
    • Direct sales
    • Lead generation
    • Order taking and conversion
    • Data verification
  • Back Office
    • Data entry
    • Document scanning
    • Data correction
    • Error processing and other back office functions
  • Other Services
    • Quality assurance
    • IVR services

Benefits and Differentiators:

  • Complete transparency 100% of the time for each client
  • High-quality, native English speaking workforce
  • Innovative technology enabling transparency, efficiency and flexibility
  • Positive and entrepreneurial company culture – out of the box thinking
  • English-speaking workforce with close proximity to the US
  • Recruitment, onboarding and overall HR mission to enhance career skills
  • Strong middle management – account and ops managers and team leads
  • Experience with handling seasonal and temporary call volume bursts

About Belize City, Belize:

  • English is the official language of Belize
  • About 40% of the population speaks Spanish as a second language
  • One of the fastest growing countries in Central America
  • Population of 350,000 with 30% of population in Belize City
  • Approximately 5,000 students graduate and join the workforce every year, including 1,400 from JUCO, 520 from universities and the balance from vocational training institutes
  • Fixed currency rate vs. USD preventing foreign exchange fluctuations
  • Belize is a lower cost value destination for US companies in terms of nearshore / LACAR economics
  • Enhanced quality of service, technology and human capital
  • Shortest flight time from US among all Central American locations
Belize City, Belize Location Overview