Jamaica Call Center Outsourcing

Location Overview:

  • Founded in June 2014
  • Partnered with Golden Gate BPO in January 2016
  • 350 workstations with capacity to scale
  • English language
  • Multichannel service capabilities
  • Specializing in complex technical support
  • Located in Casoumar Free Zone
  • Operating 24 / 7

Core Capabilities:

  • Premium technical support for hardware/software, IT help desk, remote and take-control services
  • Delivers high-quality contact center solutions with a unique specialization and expertise in handling complex technical support
    • Both PC and MAC related issues
  • Have the knowledge, understanding and skill set to provide world-class technical support across a broad range of consumer electronics
    • Including hardware, software and network issues
  • Operational efficiencies and FCR are enhanced by workforce and proprietary technical tools and solutions
Jamaica: Montego Bay

Benefits and Differentiators:

  • Achieves First Call Resolution (FCR) that is unmatched by traditional outsourced providers (90%)
  • Relentless dedication to increasing CSAT and NPS
  • US ownership and management team has over 15 years of experience selling and servicing IT security, PC optimization and PC utilization software
  • Selectively recruits talented, ambitious people and provides them with rigorous and comprehensive training to meet the high standards required by NICE and its clients
  • English speaking workforce with close proximity to the US

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