Santiago, Dominican Republic Call Center Outsourcing

Location Overview:

  • Founded in 2004
  • Partnered with Golden Gate BPO in 2007
  • Over 760 workstations with capacity to scale
  • Bilingual, including English, Spanish, French and French Creole
  • Multichannel service capabilities
  • Deep understanding and engagement across several markets and industries; cultural affinity to US markets
  • Operating 24 / 7

Core Capabilities:

  • Voice
    • Customer service
    • Collections
    • Activations
    • New product / service sales / subscriptions
    • Cross-sell / up-sell
    • Billing explanations or payment applications
    • Order processing
    • Retention
    • B2B and consumer sales
    • Lead generation
    • Appointment scheduling
    • Welcome calls
    • Surveys
    • IT business solution selling
  • BPO
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Data entry
    • Campaign setup
    • QA review
    • Software development and applications
  • Customer Service
    • Hardware and software assistance
    • Support via chat and remote desktop assistance
    • Computer diagnostics
    • Support for installations of hardware, software and applications

Benefits and Differentiators:

  • Market Leadership
    • Established in 2004
    • Leader – CRM contact center outsourcer in Santiago, DR
    • Scalable, global delivery platform
  • Financial Strength
    • Parent company D’Clase – long term investment in diversified businesses
    • Investments include telecom, internet, cable, satellite TV, technology, healthcare and manufacturing
  • Ability to Deliver
    • Consistent KPI achievement
    • Consistently high CSAT and QA scores
    • Culture of continuous improvement
    • Ability to scale quickly for both launch and growth
    • CapEx and human resources
    • Santiago location competitive advantage
  • World-Class Operations
    • Operational excellence
    • Strategic technology partnerships, including with parent company
    • Certifications including ISO 20000, 14001, 27001, COPC, PCI DSS, HFMA, PPMS
  • Experienced Management Team
    • Experienced and committed senior executives and management
    • Management depth and stability + bench strength
    • “Secret sauce” ensures that work philosophy is applied at all levels
    • Prioritizes and ensures a great experience for employees and clients

About Santiago, Dominican Republic:

  • It is the Dominican Republic’s DR’s second largest city and is the central region’s main metropolis
  • A very active and productive city with vibrant restaurants, culture, shops and nightlife
  • Close cultural affinity and proximity with the US
  • “Hurricane-Proof“ – Santiago is more sheltered than other parts of the country from hurricanes because of its location in the Cibao Valley
  • The most advanced telecom infrastructure in the Caribbean
  • Favorable workforce demographics and 15.5% unemployment
  • Vibrant, skilled talent pool – 1,936,721 local population
  • Established employment vertical – Over 100,000 call center positions in the local job market
Santiago, Dominican Republic Location Overview
Dominican Republic: Santiago

Facility Overview